We provide Design Guidelines for your brand. Here's how we work :


At Plur, we are committed to providing a product that meets your requirements and brainstorming can help us to achieve our mission. The first step is to better understand your brand and/or your company before providing design guidelines. After we better know your project, we can decide the best color palette, fonts, and the direction to use for all design works.

Design Guidelines

We'll provide design guidelines in a catalog that contains everything you need for your brand. It includes a logo, color chart, printing material design, fonts and more. For your convenience, all the files are available in the format of your choice(PDF, Sketch, Figma, AI, XLS, PSD).

Apply Design to the product

We can craft all the required designs for your project. It can be printed materials (envelope, business cards) or digital materials (website design, mobile app design, presentation documents and more). We are also equipped to deliver all materials directly to you.

Any project ?

Let's talk about it ! Leave us a message and we will get back to you.