Mobile Application

We provide design, mockup and prototype for mobile application. Here's how we work:


We start by writing the documentation needed about the product to catalogue all aspects of the project. This allows us to better know what direction we must follow and how to schedule the work.


The wireframe is a map of the mobile application which provides all the necessary information to proceed to the design. We create all the intereactions between screens of your mobile application (with a low level design). To be sure to be on the same page, we provide the wireframe to the client to ensure we are going in the right direction.


We create the design based on the mockup and client’s guidelines. We use tools such as Figma that helps us better collaboration with you. Since feedback is the most important, we make sure the design meets your requirements along the way to the final product.


Once the design is done, we create and deliver the prototype of the application to the client. We use tools that are developer friendly and can export Design that the developer can use directly.

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