Web Design & Development

Our team is specialized in both design and development and will provide you with a fully working website. We'll also make sure that your website follows the best practices in terms of UX and UI. Here's how we work:


To better know and understand the needs of the client, we start by creating a map of the project (Diagram or UX Deck Kit). This way we will have a better vision on all the project requires and can map out a schedule and budget. During this first step, a brainstorming session with the client might be needed, depending on the project.


We will draw up the project based on the information we gather during the first step. We share design mockup with the client who can give feedback on all the different part of the design. This way, we can be sure to deliver what the client wants.


Once the mockup has been finalized, we will build the project from scratch. After the project is finished, it's delivered to the client. Depending on want is requested, we can install the project on the client server or we can host it on our server.

Any project ?

Let's talk about it ! Leave us a message and we will get back to you.