Video Shooting / Editing

We'll infuse our passion for video and cinema into your project and ensure your video is vivid and dynamic.


At Plur, we are experienced at creating videos of events especially for cars, fashion and hotel brands. Let's put your event into an outstanding video. We capture the vibe of your one time event and produce a film summarizing it.


Instead of promoting a specific product or services, brand videos focus on building trust in an organization. There are different approaches to this type of video, including customer testimonials, executive interviews, company stories, and mission films. We can help to bring a unique feeling to your brand through video shooting.

Documentaries & Interviews

At Plur, we have a lot of experience setting up interviews. We can write script, translate it if needed and can shoot during your event for a documentary. We do use the best settings in term of lighting and audio to ensure your video is impactful.

Director of photography

You already have a video production team, but you need someone behind the camera? Our videograpger can work in synergy with your director, gaffer, to help create a vision for your project.

Post Production

Our team is passionate about telling a story in the most effective way and we will provide creative solutions. Video editing, special effects, color correction, lower thirds, color grading, sound design, voice over, and mixing & mastering. I’m familiar with Adobe premiere & Davinci Resolve.

Any project ?

Let's talk about it ! Leave us a message and we will get back to you.